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Adventure Therapy International Networks

Adventure Therapy International Network

Adventure Therapy is still an unexplored field in Spain, but in English-speaking countries and some European countries this methodology has over forty years of research and experience in numerous youth and adult intervention programs.

To introduce an innovative methodology and adapt it to the nowadays society in Spain is not an easy task. That is why we are in touch with professionals, organizations and professional networks dedicated to Adventure Therapy and Wilderness Therapy who advise and support us in the program design process.


Erasmus+ Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices programme

Experientia is pioneer in the introduction of Adventure Therapy in Spain, and this is possible thanks to the support of the International professional networks.

Experientia is co-founder of the Adventure Therapy European Network. A network composed of more than 15 European institutions that carry out international projects. The aim of this network is the recognition of Adventure Therapy intervention and the consolidation of this methodology in Europe. In addition, it is a channel for the exchange of views and practices with other networks such as the North American or Australian.

Through this European Network, we conduct cooperative intervention programmes such as therapeutic youth exchanges, specific professional training and supervision channels to improve our practice and the promotion of research, publications and other specific conferences.


International Adventure Therapy Committee

Experientia is part of the International Adventure Therapy Committee, formed by professionals from different countries to spread Adventure Therapy and to ensure intervention and program’s quality.


In Experientia, we consider indispensable to broaden our knowledge, nourishing from professionals and organizations from other countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. that have an extensive professional experience in this field, as well as from other European Union countries. To participate in international organization’s trainings and the fact of being in touch with professionals from other networks enriches our vision and our understanding of Adventure Therapy.

Some of Experientia’s professionals have worked and volunteered in different Wilderness Therapy programs in the United States.

To have the privilege of experiencing the effects of Wilderness Therapy firsthand has inspired us to research and develop this methodology, adapting it to the needs and characteristics of our social and cultural context.

Join us in this adventure!

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