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Experiential Learning

According to UNESCO (2002), Experiential Learning is an active, effective and natural methodology used to produce new knowledge. This learning leads naturally to interpretation of things in a new way. This, allows the person to develop himself/herself on a personal level, consolidating self-confidence on which new learning can be developed.

From Experientia, we facilitate open-air experiences that present themselves as challenges that can represent an improvement of self-concept and self- improvement. These experiences are always followed by a reflection. We create a space for the group that allows participants to share their experience in terms of how they felt, what they think they learn from the situation, etc. Thus, the learning process to go from just an experience into a conscious act of learning. The person has an active role in the process, participating in the experience and the processing. This process leads to active, real, hardwearing and meaningful knowledge for life. In that way, we offer a unique, different and exciting chance for self-development.

The challenges provided during the activities, help people to decide by themselves their level of commitment following the “Challenge by Choice” principles. People are invited to leave their comfort zone and access the so-called “growth zone”, where learning takes place through new experiences.
Experiential learning fosters autonomy, responsibility, inclusion and cooperation.

Based in Dewey (1938) & Kolb (1984)

Based in Nadler & Luckner (1997)

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