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Experientia's method

In Experientia we believe in a holistic conception of the human being, considering the person as a whole and knowing that each person is unique, with its own way of being, with its potential, values and expectations. We also understand, from a systemic and occupational approach, that the person is in constant relation to its context and part of multiple systems such as family, social, cultural and transcendental. Adaptive and positive relationships between the person and their context contribute to their integral development.

We use a multimodal intervention focused on the individual, using an experiential methodology such as Adventure Therapy and experiential learning. From the Humanist-Existential philosophical and psychological framework, we believe in the potential of people and their capacity to develop themselves to the fullest.

The therapeutic alliance is key in the development of our programs. Likewise, the relationship of unconditional support to the people we work with, also seeking to enhance their strengths.

Our programs are produced in high security conditions, both physical and emotional, to ensure a certify quality and professionalism to the participants on the experiences we provide.

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