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Teachers and education professionals have as their ultimate goal to guide their students in the configuration of their life project, being privileged companions in their development and personal growth. From Experientia we want to support the teaching work through various proposals of experiential education in the different educational stages (Ed. Primary, Secondary, High School and professional education).

Experiential Learning
and Pedagogy of Success

These proposals are included within the Experiential Learning, Adventure Education and from the Pedagogy of success. Through a proposal of specific challenges, students will learn problem-solving strategies and, after their analysis, the extrapolation of learning to their daily life will be possible. During this group intervention, special emphasis is placed on emotional intelligence and inter and intrapersonal relationships. Finally, through the individual search for their talents and personal abilities, learning will influence basic skills.


Programa de crecimiento personal para grupos clase


Seminarios formativos experienciales


Grupo de trabajo para docentes

Proposals of Experientia

Our proposals are focused mainly as a complement to the Tutorial Action Plans and are directed towards the improvement of School Coexistence, Prevention of Addictive Behaviors, Prevention of Violence and Gender Equality.

At the same time, Experientia wants to provide a platform to set up a permanent working group with teachers involved where to share experiences and discuss the inclusion of such methodology in the classroom.

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