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Therapeutic programs


In addition to the program proposals presented below, Experientia offers the possibility of designing specific programs tailored for social, clinical or educational entities.

Programs of Adventure Therapy

Our programs of Adventure Therapy vary in form, time, and population to which they are directed. Each program has a unique and specialized design, adapted to the characteristics of the population to which it is intended and with specific objectives that favor personal growth and the improvement of the quality of life of the people who participate.

“It has been very intense and now I trust myself more”

R. (about the program Abriendo Vía)

Programs of Wilderness Therapy

The programs of Adventure Therapy consist of a coexistence of approximately two weeks that is carried out entirely in the natural environment. Participants and therapists coexist in a challenging environment, far from the comforts of everyday life. Experiential learning through experiences in nature is the key to our programs, in which individual and group therapy sessions are also held on a regular basis. An individualized treatment plan is designed and in these sessions the personal objectives that each participant sets out are worked on. In the group therapy sessions and through psychoeducational workshops, the general and specific objectives of each program are also worked on.


The process begins with some evaluation sessions of each case, for the acquisition of prior knowledge of the participants, their needs and their objectives. At the end of the program, the therapeutic process is accompanied by follow-up sessions. From a systemic approach, we invite you to live an experience that promotes internal change, taking into account the active participation of the family in the therapeutic process.


With these programs, we seek an integral growth of the person in different areas, promoting physical, emotional, occupational and social development. Our programs include healthy and organic food, physical exercise, relaxation activities and meditation.

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